Our Story…

Una Luna represents the spirit of oneness, holistic wellness, ancestral and family respect as our ethos. I started handcrafting natural soaps and body butters 14 years ago, after studying the significance of the skin being the largest organ on our bodies. It was a key part of my own personal healing quest for balanced wellness. In addition to dietary and nutritional transformations toward healing, I decided to create safe and effective skincare products for myself and my  household. Over time,  I began gifting them to family members on holidays and special occasions. My family and friends were the first testers of a variety of recipes. The word spread and orders for more products came in between holidays.  This is how the Wellness Boutique was formed. The boutique gives me the opportunity to share my handcrafted skincare collection and allows me to introduce many of the wellness products I use to live in optimal health.

One of the natural herbs that I utilize in skincare is hempseed oil, a derivative of the Cannabis plant. With over 23 years of experience as a Cannabis Connoisseur, I was excited to find topical uses for this powerful herbal remedy.  I am equally excited to partner with Made By Hemp, a US based purveyor of quality CBD products, to offer everyone a safe and legal opportunity to enjoy the plethora of benefits of CBD & Hemp supplements in a variety of forms.  Our private consultation will walk you through the available options and help you choose  the best fit for your personal wellness goals.

Optimal Health…



My years as an MS Warrior have given me the opportunity to cultivate a healing spirit as part of my mission here on Earth.  During my journey, I have experienced and studied multiple modalities from a variety of world views. My ancestry led me to the Mesoamerican spiritual knowledge and worldview. Specifically, I was drawn to the perspective that there are five aspects to human homeostasis. The products featured in the boutique are carefully selected for their healing and wellness characteristics in relation to these five aspects.  From handcrafted skincare products and healing artisan crystal jewelry to quality imports at a great value, the boutique offers a wide variety of accessories to support your holistic balance.

Heart.                     Mind.                         Spirit.                          Body.                        Emotions.

Healing is a marathon, it’s not a sprinter’s race. – Janora Ware, CEO of Una Luna LLC