Amethyst Tibetan Buddhist 108 Mala Prayer Bead Necklace


  • New Fashion 6mm Tibetan Buddhist 108 Prayer Bead Necklace Gourd
  • Mala Prayer Bracelet for Meditation
  • Amethyst Mala Beads – For Healing Energy
  • Emotional Balance
  • Spirituality


New Fashion Purple Amethyst Tibetan Buddhist Beads Tibetan – 108 Mala

  • Amethyst is believed to be an extremely powerful and protective stone and is one of the most spiritual crystals. It is said to poses strong healing and cleansing properties and to be a great guide to our mind.
  • It is believed to calm or stimulate our mind as necessary as well as to help us feel more focused and in control of our thoughts and actions. To help with emotional balance, it is said to dispel anger, fear and anxiety.
  • It can also help develop new ideas and bring them to action. It is know to improve motivation, intuition and help with decision-making.
  • It has been used to protect us from negative environment energies.
  • Amethyst is an ideal crystal for meditation. It is said that its serenity enhances tranquility, deeper understanding and higher states of consciousness.
  • Traditionally, because of the believed influence on our mind, Amethyst is used to overcome addictions. It stimulates the throat and crown chakras.

GemStone Type — compose amethyst

Beads size:6mm.


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